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Ants can enter through even the tiniest cracks, seeking water and sweet or greasy food substances in the kitchen pantry or storeroom areas. Ants leave an invisible chemical trail which contains pheromones for others to follow once they locate the food source.

When to Contact Ant Pest Control Services 

While DIY products, like aerosols, sprays and powders can kill ants but are not safe as per food safety point of view, these chemicals can contaminate your food items kept around, a professional pest control service will be required for larger or multiple infestations.

Effective Ants Treatment in Bangalore

Most ant species will only come into your home to forage for food and are attracted by sweet and sticky substances. Ensure that there is no readily available food source in your home by:
  • Always covering food – we do not know where the ant has been before it crawls across your food!
  • Clear away food and liquid spillages immediately
  • Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances
  • Make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids. Keep compost enclosed and covered
  • Clear away your Pet’s food immediately when it has finished eating
  • Scheduled ant treatment by spray and gel application
You can help prevent ants entering your home by sealing access points such as cracks and crevices in door and window frames.

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